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Office Phone in Peru: (51-1) 205 8080
Office Phone in Chile: (56-2) 2666-4354



  1. Customer satisfaction, getting to this, the highest quality of its products.
  2. Ensure compliance with the requirements of orders and applicable regulations.
  3. Find and implement corrective actions to each of the problems that rise in the company, whether claims or incidents.
  4. Establish permanent training programs, which allow you to have a staff with a high level of competence which gives a better service to customers.
  5. Maintain constant contact with customers and suppliers, in order to collaborate together to improve the quality of their services and products.
  6. Involve, motivate and engage the staff in order to seek their participation in the management, development and implementation of the Quality System.


  1. During the projects and actions implemented, visualize normal and potential environmental risks to trace actions that allow us to mitigate them.
  2. Develop permanent activities to increase environmental awareness, which help the care and proper use of natural resources.
  3. Prevent, reduce and control significant impacts generated in the study of identification and valuation of the environmental impacts of CPS.