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WHOLESALE W ELECTRICWholesale Electric is one of the main Electrical Distributors in the United States, with its extensive portfolio of products, serves different projects worldwide, in sectors such as:

Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical, Industrial & Commercial Infrastructure, OEM and Utility Industries.

Thus becoming a reliable supplier with quality products, service efficiency and timely attention to the different requirements of its customers.

Wholesale Electric Supply Co of Houston Inc. and its 11 branches are committed to being the competitive benchmark for its customers, enabling them to market a wide variety of electrical products and working opportunely with its team in creating solutions for the needs that arise in the market.


Construction Material Management System


At CMMSTM, our reputation for excellence, our proven integrity and our resources analysis allows us to get significant benefits that make your job easier and more profitable.

A Cleaner, Safer Environment. CMMSTM just-in-time materials delivery and pick-up service for unused components, allows a cleaner and safer working environment for your employees and contractors.

Efficient Handling and Storage. With CMMSTM, warehouse management and associated labor costs are greatly reduced.
Materials are stored near the construction site, where each requirement of the project is packed and labeled, according to customer needs.

Reduced Administrative Cost. With CMMSTM we purchase, expedite and manage inventory, redundant field activities are eliminated and the workload is reduced.

Tracking Accuracy. CMMSTM tracks from the estimate of materials to final installation.

Surplus Reduced. Projects average less than 1% in surplus material at the end of the projects, when Wholesale Electric prepares the release of materials.

Productivity Field Improvement. CMMSTM virtually eliminates material overages, shortages and discrepancies (OS&D) at the site. That allows field staff to be more productive and reduces construction delays due to material shortage.

Reduced Cost of Ownership. With CMMSTM eliminating redundant operations in the materials procurement process, we help you reduce maintenance costs associated with inventory.

Improvement of Control and Presentation of Reports. Interfacing with CMMSTM requires no special software or equipment. If you have access to a personal computer and the internet, you can continuously monitor your project’s progress and material usage.

Cables Management. It maintains control of the cables you need for your project. Cables sent by the circuit ID based on engineering detail and verifying cable length.

“In conclusion, the Construction Material Management System CMMSTM optimizes your resources, improves your inventory and reduces your costs during the development of the project.”